A Guest bedroom Design

guest-bed-room-design_boutique-spa_boutique-hotel_luxury-room-design_london-interior-designerImagine walking into a room and immediately you feel as though you are in another world. The lighting becomes dim; highlighting only, the special visual features. Your eyes are drawn to a waterfall bath tub with ripples on the front imitating the movement of water and inviting you to touch. the clean white basin stands tall among the gravel imitating the geometry of the bath. You think you are in a jungle because the plants makes the wall. There is a scent of essential oils that soothes the notes, and the sweet sounds of birds chirping away. Pure bliss!

guest-bed-room-design_boutique-spa_boutique-hotel_luxury-room-design_london-interior-designer_clever-storage-ideasSitting in the bath tub, through a clear glass of separation you can see the organised display wardrobe, making it easier to decide what you will wear to your meeting today. made of solid oak each shirt sits in its own compartment and is reminiscent of the display in TM Lewin  or Hawes and Curtis. Its’minimal display makes it perfect for a guestroom, after all you won’t be staying long.clothes display storage_guest bed room design_boutique spa_boutique hotel_luxury room design_london interior designer.jpgguest-bed-room-design_boutique-spa_boutique-hotel_luxury-room-design_london-interior-designer_-bedroom-storage

This amazing space was created by Mitsui Designtec a Japanese design firm for the Sleep event in London. It was created to fulfill all the emotional senses by arousing all five senses.

We are a London based Interior Design and Build company that can create this look for you right here in the UK. Email us at nestingproperties16@gmail.com.


Design and build your dream Kitchen

A new extension and kitchen built in a North London property.

Building an extension to house a kitchenlondon-neutral-kitchen

This space didn’t even exist. We created an extension which housed a fabulous new kitchen for our clients. You can also have your dream kitchen. When planning your new kitchen design, imagine  how you would like to use the space, think about the time of day that you will be in the kitchen most and design your lighting accordingly. Check pinterest and houzz for ideas and colour schemes. Contact us and we will design and build your dream kitchen. nesting-properties_kichen-design_-extention