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If you are planning to visit the Ideal Home Show 2018, we have teamed up with MK Kids Interiors to give away Ideal Home Show tickets.

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Designing your dream kitchen at The Ideal Home Show

Ideal Home Show

On 26th March 2017, our founder was invited to be one of the keynote speakers at the Ideal Home Show. The interior styling stage audience were ready and waiting with note books and pens to hear what Medina had to say.

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Designing your Dream Kitchen was the title of the talk. The talk was practical and the audience were engaged.

The Kitchen Work Trianglewhen choosing the layout of the kitchen, obey the kitchen work triangle:

When re-designing or designing your kitchen. It is important to consider the ‘kitchen work triangle’ which is the concept used to determine the most efficient use of the space. The basis tasks in the kitchen takes place between the hob/oven, the sink and bin and the refrigerator. This image below shows the various kitchen layouts and how to achieve the ideal work triangle.

The most popular kitchen layouts in the UK are:

  • Horse shoe or a U-shaped kitchen layout
  • Peninsular kitchen layout
  • L-shaped kitchen layout
  • Galley Kitchen layout

Your lifestyle determines your kitchen designA kitchen full of white tiles may not necessarily sound inspiring, but with a wide range of tile shapes and styles available you really can create a unique look. This geometric design really enhances the look of this all-white kitchen. Buy your oak cabinets and painted frontals now, from Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets:

It is also important to think about your lifestyle and what effect it has on you using your kitchen. Do you mostly dine out? If so, you wont need too much storage for foods. You can therefore afford to create a minimal kitchen. Are you a stay at home parent? Do you cook everyday? You will need freezer storage, fridge storage and ample cupboard storage.

Medina ended the talk giving the audience 9 top tips for designing your kitchen on a budget.

1.  Spring clean & Organise your space – Many home cupboards are filled with old foods and containers that are no longer in use. Throw out the old to make space for the new. As we are in Spring this is the best time to throw out and de-clutter. If you need any help de-cluttering, contact Sally, she is great!

2.  Start planning- budget,colours, layout, tiles, worktops, appliances – Its pretty easy to over spend on your dream kitchen. It is therefore essential to plan, and allocate a budget for your kitchen. Think about what you need instead of what you want. Focus on the needs before spending on the wants.

3.  Conti Board vs Plinths – Decorative panels are cheaper than installing a plinth as a kickboard. Although the colour options are not wide, with Pinterest, you can get many ideas on how to jazz up your kickboard.

Image result for camilla banks interior design4.  Get handles from Ikea rather than B&Q – Don’t you just love Ikea! They have a wide range of handles that can be used on your kitchen cupboards.

5.  Get tiles from Tile shops (for their returns) –  although tile shops can be expensive. You will be surprised to find that you can bag a bargain from the tiles that have been returned.

6.  For mouldings and architraves go to a timber yard – firstly the quality of the timber or even MDF from the timber yard is better than B&Q. Mouldings and architraves are cheaper in a timer yard than on the high street.

7.  Taps are cheaper online – You can find your dream tap online, they are cheaper there, than on the high road.

8.  Strip out yourself – After capping the gas and water supply and disconnecting the electricals, you can remove the units yourself. That will save you £220.

9.  Ready Built Kitchens – sometimes you can get kitchen units that are already assembled from companies such as Selco. All you will need to do is put the units in place – and of course, get a plumber and electrician in for the utilities.

10. Why settle for the get by – when in the long run the good costs less, Invest in quality materials and appliances, so that you wont need to buy in the next 5 years.

You can see a few clips of the live video on our Facebook Page.

We are always happy to help, give us a call  020 3287 3722.

Design and build your dream Kitchen

A new extension and kitchen built in a North London property.

Building an extension to house a kitchenlondon-neutral-kitchen

This space didn’t even exist. We created an extension which housed a fabulous new kitchen for our clients. You can also have your dream kitchen. When planning your new kitchen design, imagine  how you would like to use the space, think about the time of day that you will be in the kitchen most and design your lighting accordingly. Check pinterest and houzz for ideas and colour schemes. Contact us and we will design and build your dream kitchen. nesting-properties_kichen-design_-extention