The Practical: Bedrooms

Creating a beautiful bedroom which is also practical can be tricky. But, believe it or not, functionality and style can go together. Here are a few tips for making the most of your space.

Storage beds

There are so many on the market today, and no excuses for finding a beautiful one. If you only need a little extra space, a bed with drawers could be ideal for you. If, however, you’re really lacking in room size and don’t want to have to squeeze in another piece of furniture to store your goodies, opt for an ottoman bed. Their gas-assisted lift system makes it quick and easy to access. The best part is, they look like ordinary beds! Have a look at the Showman Silver Crushed Velvet Ottoman Bed by Dreams.


Storage trunks

If you have room at the foot of your bed, or perhaps against a wall, trunks are a great way of adding more storage. They come in so many forms; to suit a traditional, country style, contemporary, industrial, or minimalist home. To save money, try upcycling old, vintage luggage.


Storage baskets

Felt-storage-baskets_wool-storage-baskets_handmade-storage-baskets_kids-room-storage_childrens-storage-baskets_shopping-bags_hand-made-baby-shower-giftFor children’s rooms, quick storage for toys and books is a must. These Felt Storage Baskets by Felt Goodness can be found on Etsy, and are the perfect solution to tidy up your child’s room. Alternatively, they are great for housing unused bed cushions and pillows in your bedroom.


Bedroom office

bedroom office

Having a designated work space is a great way of improving your work ethic if you work from home. Laying in bed or on the sofa with a laptop is cosy, but creating a space specifically for work will help get your head in the game. All that’s needed is a desk (one with storage, ideally), and a comfortable (but not too comfortable) chair. Shelving above your desk will help to store books. For a minimalist feel, try these Clear Acrylic Book Shelves by MK Kids Interiors. Add a motivational quote for you to read everyday, and you’re set.



Built-in storage1224740484513_000

Why waste all of that space around your bed? Tall narrow, cupboards either side for hanging clothes, and cabinets above for folded clothes or other items makes for an interesting wall feature, while being exceptionally practical. For extra space-saving, add a shelf to the remaining space, or beautify it with a wall decal. This petite bedroom is a perfect example. Nesting Properties would be happy to help you transform your space into a fully-functional, gorgeous haven!








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