Kitchens: Beauty and Practicality for the Heart of your Home

Not everybody has the time to leisurely make three homemade meals every day, or hours to spend cleaning a stylish yet impractical kitchen.

Here are some time-saving tips to keep your homes’ heart chic, yet maintainable.

Induction cookingrange cooker

An induction stove is heated by means of magnetic induction, rather than a flame. It directly heats the cooking vessel, thereby taking less time to reach the required temperature, and ensuring that no heat is wasted. This also means that only the area directly beneath the cooking vessel will heat up while the rest of the stove remains cool; so no more burnt fingers. Many induction cookers have modern designs, but if you’re looking for more of a country style to suit your kitchen, check out electric range cookers like the Redfyre Electric Cooker.


Stainless Steel

Professional kitchens are almost always stainless steel, and we can see why. It’s high quality, long-lasting, and really easy to keep clean. Plus, it’s heat resistant, so can easily withstand hot pots and pans. Combining it with a Scandinavian-style kitchen would keep it sleek but characterful. Nesting Properties would be delighted to create your vision.

Stainless Steel


Ceramic tiled kitchen floors are lovely. But, they’re also cold and hard. Tile-effect vinyl flooring is so much more cost effective, so you’ll be able to find the best quality without breaking the bank. They’re also non-slip and easy to clean. Why not go for a Moroccan print to add colour and interest?

Floor tiles

Use a Professional

While a project may sound promising at first, a kitchen design project can actually waste more time, money, and energy. Professional designers are there for a reason. They recognise that the majority of people want to save money, while having a high quality, elegant kitchen designed specifically to their taste. They have seen the pitfalls that many step into when taking on these projects, and will take your ideas and budget into consideration while avoiding all of them.




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